World Bank warns of 'darkening skies' for global economy - BBC News - Wed 9 Jan 16:47 GMT

World Bank warns of 'darkening skies' for global economy - BBC News

In its annual report on global prospects the World Bank forecasts a slowdown in economic growth.

  Image copyright Bill Clark/Getty Images Image caption The predicted slowdown is focused on rich countries, particularly the US The World Bank is warning of increasing risks, or what it calls "darkening skies", for the world economy.

  The Bank's forecast for the global economy is expansion this year of 2.9% and 2.8% in 2020.

  Franziska Ohnsorge, a World Bank economist and lead author of the report said in a BBC interview: "In China it's policy engineered, a very deliberate slowdown towards more stable long term growth."

  That is what the Bank thinks is the likely performance of the world economy over the next few years.

  The Bank does not expect a recession in either of these economies, though some commentators are now suggesting the US could be heading for one next year.